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We had a nice turnout for the September 2011 luncheon group at the Macadam Grill this past Monday. Thank you, Roger Rollins for spearheading these luncheons. Ancil Nance was invited to share his ideas about a website for our class. He is already maintaining Web site for the class of '59. We were invited to share some ideas, ask questions, and encouraged to submit items or bits of info for our Web site.

When visiting with my table group who were Highland School alumna, I sighed that I had been to a couple of other luncheons in the past, but no one seemed to be from Highland but myself, and Jerry Haddan said he gets together for a monthly breakfast with some of the former Highland guys, with Kenny Martin coming sometimes from The Dalles where he lives……I know there are some smaller groups…I don't have many grade school friends as I barely moved into the Jeff neighborhood in the spring of 1954, before we started high school in the fall……….Bevra Shultz Sorrels asked our table group if we remembered Merle Lotz, who was choir teacher during our journey at Jeff. She saw him recently at a meeting in Oregon City where she also resides. I saw him and Mr. Bradford perform with the Portland Pops Symphony in the '80s, Mr. Lotz played "Rhapsody in Blue" on the grand piano, and Mr. Bradford played his trumpet. Before Mr. Lotz signed on at Jeff as choir teacher, he taught band at Arleta high school, where he taught my young late brother Ron Query on the trumpet. Ron went on to play in the Jeff dance band, as well as getting bruises playing sports. You always wonder if those gifted teachers get tired of the daily grind trying to mold young musicians during the daytime, while yearning to play with folks of their own caliber. Hmmm…I found it interesting that Jerry and wife Linda (a Grant grad…boo hiss!) enjoy raising horses together on their place out in Estacada. Mark Miller was on hand..he's authored three books (see below).

During the luncheon, in conversation about the recent history of Jefferson High and its many principals and struggles over the past decade, Jerry Haddan said "Wasn't our (principal) Mr. Jones?" Agreeing that it was, Jerry sighed and said that he knew the principal's office well…. especially "Uncle Roy" as in Malo.

"I had a couple of episodes in my freshman year with my Social Studies teacher and was sent to the office but I kept out of trouble until the Study Hall incident in my senior year. Pete Kelly and I didn't skip Study Hall. We had research to do at the library and our Study Hall teacher gave us each a hall pass to go to the library. When we were done we headed back to the Study Hall and were halfway back when we realized we didn't get Mrs. Hall's signature when we left the library and Pete didn't feel like going all the way back so he signed the hall passes. When we got back he walked up to the waste basket and tossed them. Mrs. Small, our Study Hall teacher, saw Pete throw the hall passes in the waste basket and asked him to get them and bring them to her. She looked at them and called Mrs. Hall at the library to see if she had signed it. She said she always signs with a red pencil and we were busted. Pete signed it with a regular pencil. We were then sent to the principal's office. All because we were too lazy to go back and get her signature. We faced getting suspended and had to have our parents come in for a meeting.

What was embarrassing, while in the office, a friend of the family who was a Juvenile Detective and his partner walked in and saw us sitting there. He asked what we were doing there in the office (with a smile) and we told him, Forgery. He just shook his head when we told him the story. We didn't get suspended and all turned out well and lesson learned.

I was curious about the fact that there were several Ockley Green kids who attended the couple of luncheons I attended in the past, and mentioned that to Sally Holmes Dernedde (who comes up from Medford for these luncheons), who shared with me that the Class of '58 luncheon group actually grew from the small Ockley Green folks' get togethers. Present among them were Sheila Smith, Bonnie Huget Hamilton, Connie Wersh Reynolds, Fred McNabb, Sally Holmes Dernedde. From Highland Grade School was Joan Haddan Ervin, Jerry Haddan (and wife Linda), Karen Walden Roberts (and hubby) and myself..Lyleth Query Winther.

……..And then there is our classmate--Mark Miller-- retired Conference Minister of the Michigan United Church of Christ conference, has written his third book. This one focuses locally on Tillamook County and Jeff classmate Mark Miller recently had many of his life accomplishments published in the Oregonian in an article by Sports reporter Bill Monroe. The article focused on fishing and how it was woven into the fabric of several books, epistles, novels and sermons Mark has written. Bill outlined Mark's life including his days at Stanford University starring on the baseball mount with a 2.80 ERA that was good enough to earn offers from the L.A Dodgers and the Pittsburg Pirates. Spurning the Majors, he went on to get a Doctorate from Yale Divinity seminary and a career in the ministry with the United Church of Christ. Serving as pastor of churches in Eugene, Colorado, Ohio and Illinois he ending his career as a regional director of a district that had dozens of churches. Along the way, Mark published his first book, "Cast Your Net, Reflections on Life, Ministry and Fishing" available from the website Subsequently, he has written four novels including " Murder on the Tillamook Bay" and a book of epistles " Hooked on Life". Mark and his wife Diane reside in Austin, Texas, but in August you might see him if you're salmon fishing at Buoy 10 off the mouth of the Columbia. If you do, give him a "thumbs up" for being another great representative of the Jeff High Class of '58. (Mark joined us at the September luncheon at the Macadam Grill)

Lyleth Query Winther keeps busy volunteering at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, works part time on her family history, as well as writes the newsletter and serves on the planning committee for her John Deere Retirees group's luncheons. Her three daughters are grown and scattered to the four winds, but stay close by phone, email and visits. At home, there are also three aging cats and their accompanying details to keep up with.

SHARON CROFT. Died from falling debris during the 1972 tornado that damaged nearby school, pulling off its roof. Sharon was helping tend to the children in child care in the nearby bowling alley. She got the children out, went back to make sure she had everyone, and a wall collapsed on her. Per Joan Haddan Ervin

From a news site: "A severe tornado strikes Vancouver, Washington, killing six and injuring more than 300, on April 5, 1972. Essay 8099. At about 12:51 p.m. on April 5, 1972, a severe (category F3) tornado strikes the eastern part of Vancouver, Washington. The tornado demolishes the Peter Skene Ogden Elementary School, then sweeps through the Sunrise Bowling Lanes and the Waremart Discount Store. Six people are killed and over 300 are injured. Property damage exceeds $5 million.

Sharon died of a massive stroke on April 22, 2011. She was diagnosed with failing kidneys about the time of our Aug 2003 45th class reunion, and working with the doctors, she and they were able to slow down the progress. Only two years ago, she was implanted with a hose setup under her one arm for when she would need dialysis and have to be put on a transplant list. She was on her 2nd visit in two weeks time to Portland to help her two brothers, Darrell and David, with the care of their 97 year old mom who was in failing health. Per Lyleth Winther

Sharon King Parkin (2011)
Ron Parno (2011)

There's a new website out on the Multnomah County Library website in their database offerings called "Oregonian Archives." One needs to have a Multnomah County Library card to access it from home, but if you have a Washington County or Clackamas County or Clark County (Wash.) card, you can present it and obtain a Multnomah County Library card. There is a reciprocal agreement.

The digitalized records go back to the 1860s, up through the 1970s. When you get to the site, after logging on, choose "articles" when the one search page comes up. To move within the appearing article, you do a click and drag, holding your mouse down. If you look up "Lyleth Query," you will find a photo and caption when I took accordion lessons through the Young Oregonian program.

Well, I remember Miss Dierlein and Miss Purvine, who were great teachers, but have yet to take time to look them up. I did have this one cranky, old maid teacher in the fourth grade at Sunnyside Grade School who kept us on our toes. She must have been 70 or 80 if she was a day, tall with a white blouse buttoned up to her neck and long sleeves with a white handkerchief peeping out of her one sleeve. In fact, she held handkerchief and fingernail inspection every day. I don't think I ever saw her smile.

But when I looked up articles on Miss Bess Skog, she and her husband in their early years had been hikers, according to the Oregonian and involved in activities that must have put a smile on her face. In an obituary, she was also listed as a survivor of her sister, who married Bill Bowerman's widowed/divorced father. You know who Bill Bowerman is, co-founder of Nike, along with Phil Knight. Bill Bowerman was also Steve Prefontaine's coach. And it seems Bill Bowerman's father was governor of Oregon. There's a little history for you.

(Joan Haddan) My favorite teacher was Miss Shull. She was so good and a great English teacher. She made all the books we had to read interesting. And Miss Hill, the very tiny and petite physiology teacher. I think she was barely 5 ft tall and threw a 6 footer out of the class when he mouthed off at her. She was tough, but another great teacher. Another teacher: Miss Gilstrap, Senior class ?Contemporary World Problems? Forgot what it was called then. She actually taught my mom at Girls Polytechnic AND remembered mom when she went to Parents Night. I also remember when, I think it was Dave Bjerke, and several other boys went to the dump, shot and killed a rat, put it in one of their mom's freezer, and then brought it to school to go along with a report they did. Was pretty gross. Can't believe I remembered that. I also gave half of all my classes the Hong Kong flu. Had no idea I was that sick when I went to school that day. Had a 104 temp later that day and was very sick.