Class of '58 Jefferson High School Class of '58



Winter weather took a toll on the attendance at the Jan 2012 luncheon of the Class of 1958 members which met once more at the Macadam Grill.

It was a tight group with folks getting reacquainted. Bevra Shulz Sorrels, Joan Haddan Ervin, Lyleth Query Winther, Roger and Joann Rollins, Fred McNabb, Richard Murdock, and Don Baird were present.

An interesting note was visiting with Don Baird, who was on the swimming team from Jefferson. When I heard that news, I wondered where the secret swimming pool was located in the building for the practices. But, I was informed that the swim team members would go to Buckman School or one other facility for the practices. No, there wasn't a secret swimming pool at Jeff while we there.

I'm still choking over the permanent artwork that we walked by daily, and the some of the WPA artists who created it. Some pieces were stored away for repair or??? Check out the "Jefferson Artworks" link under the "Links" tab on our new website. One of my favorites (scrolling down to the bottom) is the art piece by Louis Bunce, who was well known around the Portland area. It show a scene of downtown Portland along the docks, framed by the Steel Bridge. And in the background is the old Public Market. It was created circa 1940. On a warm sunny spring day, we would have festivities on the north entrance around the Jefferson statue. I certainly don't remember a sculptured monument on the walls honoring Leiws & Clark. And of course there is the Jefferson statue by Karl Bitter that we all remember.

Among the gals, Joan Haddan Ervin discussed her pending surgery coming up, and that has been accomplished. She is home and recuperating. She usually shares news of twin sister Jean when we get together. Jean has several health issues and not able to attend our luncheons. Brother Jerry attends.

The first issue of Jeff Jottings "newsletter", Class of 1958, will be added to the website shortly. Catching up with our classmates from years ago is the running theme. Hopefully, there will be about 8 or 9 interviews with different folks. It will be a mix of some high-profile folks, and some who flew under the radar, asking the main question of what they are doing to keep busy/stimulated, and out of the rocking chair during our retirement years. (LQW)