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Bill Cornell reports that he hasn’t been back to Portland since graduation, instead spending most of his time in France with occasional visits to the United States. Married to a French woman, Bill and his wife spend their summers at their place in St. Tropez, and the rest of the year at a residence in Marseille, punctuated with Christmas vacations in Paris.  If you have ever spent time in St. Tropez, you would have to agree this is a great life style.  Bill, I think you should send us a picture of yourself and your wife on the beach at St Tropez, to make us look beyond these cloudy Oregon winters.

Bonnie Huget Hamilton recently vacationed in Europe, visiting Paris and London.  Bonnie enjoyed all the usual attractions including The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham palace, and shopping in London and Paris.  Bonnie says her next trip is targeting Australia.

“In a restless world like this is, love is ended before it’s begun, and too many moonlight kisses, seem to cool in the warmth of the sun”…-- Nat King Cole 
Well.….not all love is fleeting.  Several ’58 classmates found true love early, and have now celebrated 50th year wedding anniversaries.  The happy couples include Bill and Edwina Wallace, Karen Walden Roberts and husband Norm, Sandra Sherstad Getman, and husband Don, and Linda Berscheid Chesney and husband Joe. Congratulations to all.  If anyone knows of additional couples celebrating this important milestone, please let this editor know.

Karen Walden Roberts and husband Norm report that their love of square dancing has been inherited by their grandson Jonny Roberts.  He has recently been named as a square dance caller, a very rare honor in square dancing circles, especially for someone so young.  Jonny’s plan is to use his expertise at $50 to $100 per dance to pay for his college expenses, and hopefully a career in musical theater and Broadway.  The text of the Oregonian’s article about Jonny follows in the link below( hold down the control key and click on the link):

Judy Eggleston Rogers recently returned from a trip to Italy. Here is a picture of Judy and her husband and the rest of their group enjoying the sun, and that deep blue Mediterranean sea at Santorini. 


Roger Rollins and wife JoAnn report that their son Brian has recently been elected Commander for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Portland Sector. The Auxiliary provides volunteer staff for the Coast Guard vessels that patrol the Willamette and Columbia rivers in the Portland area. Brian’s own boat, the William Kerr(named for his maternal grandfather) was selected to be the official Coast Guard escort vessel for the U.S. Navy fleet visiting Portland during last year’s Rose Festival.
Brian’s twin brother, Steven, is well known in local and national media circles for his work with Portland Mountain Rescue.  As past President of PMR and one of perhaps only a dozen people in the Pacific Northwest qualified to lead high altitude, technically difficult, mountain rescue efforts, he is frequently on TV. He had numerous appearances recently in connection with the loss of three climbers on Mt. Hood.  Steve hones his skills by climbing in the Italian dolomites, the French Alps, and the Himalayas.   His rescue adventures have been featured in National Geographic Adventure and Popular Mechanics magazines, and provided character material for a fictional Harlequin Romance novel: Rescued by the Magic of Christmas .   Here’s a picture of Brian (L) and Steven (R) flanking the Rollins’ grandchildren, David and Jennie.


Donna Manley Vetere showed her true colors prior to the Rose Bowl game by bravely wearing a University of Oregon jersey amidst all her friends in Ohio.  Congratulations Donna, on upholding the U of O, and we hope you didn’t have to endure too much verbal abuse following the game. We look forward to your return to Oregon soon. Donna says: “Happy New Year to all my dear friends and classmates. I wish you the very best for a happy, healthy, safe and successful New Year. My OSU family and friends were stunned when I appeared at our Rose Bowl party dressed as an Oregon Duck. Yea!!!!! It was great fun!
Take care.”


Do you remember? Some of the best memories of growing up in Portland during the 40’s and 50’s: