Class of '58 Jefferson High School Class of '58


Bouquets to classmate Sheila Smith for transporting classmates to medical facilities in their time of need.  Classmate Sally Holmes Dernedde suffered a asthma attack the day of our last luncheon, and was transported by Sheila to the appropriate facility. Thankfully, Sally is on the mend and promises to be at our luncheon on Monday.  Classmate Bonnie Huget Hamilton suffered multiple injuries when she recently fell off a porch.  Again, Sheila came to the rescue, and delivered the patient to the doctors. Bonnie is also on the mend, and promises to be at our luncheon.

Classmate Karen Walden Roberts has a new email address:

Bob Eurick has become involved with the charity “Candlelighters” and has asked that we pass on the following letter appealing for support. Bob has promised to match any contributions by Jeff classmates.
Dear friends and family,
My Daughter has chosen to ride Cycle Oregon with Candlelighters group again this year and has asked me to join her. This ride is the largest fundraiser of the year for Candlelighters.  We can’t ignore the importance of what this money means to the families of kids with cancer. This year we have been volunteering time to visit and serve dinner to the kids, families and staff at Doernbecher hospital. It allows the kids and parents to eat other than hospital food. What kid wouldn’t rather eat pizza and spaghetti? We are continually amazed when visiting these kids. Their courage and resilience is so inspiring. Of course there are those nights you go home and dwell on the kids that weren’t doing as well too. We feel honored to be able to contribute to their comfort. I love connecting with the kids. There are faces I will never forget and always wonder how they are. Well, I hope.
My honored child this year is 7 year old Maciej. He was diagnosed with Nueroblastoma at 4 months old. Neuroblastoma is a type of spinal cancer. Fortunately Maciej was diagnosed early and is doing well. We got to meet Maciej, his parents and three sisters at the annual pizza party. He is curious and ambitious. He likes cheetahs because they are so fast.
Last year I struggled with my honored child’s disability from her cancer. Karlee had lost her leg and had a prosthetic. When I first met Maciej, I noticed that he limped. While visiting with his parents a few minutes later I asked why he limped and was somewhat relieved when his father told me it was caused by damage to his spinal cord due to his illness and doesn’t bother him much.
Candlelighters are funded entirely by private donations that support local programs and services. When a child in the family is sick, they provide assistance for the family such as gas money for families traveling to Doernbecher hospital from long distances, support groups, bereavement services and networking tools. There are also camps for the kids and the family and emergency financial help. You can learn more about how Candlelighters help kids here,
The money we raise will all go to Candlelighters .We are committed to reaching our fund-raising goal of $5,000.00 to help currently over 1,000 families in Oregon and SW Washington. Would you please join usin this effort and support us to help reach our fund-raising goal? With your help, we can ease the burden of cancer stricken families here in our area.
Thank you in advance for your support. We would appreciate your donations before September 10th, but can accept them after this date as well. Please send your tax deductible donation payable to Candlelightersto this address and we will forward them to Candlelighters. You will receive a tax receipt and thank you letter from Candlelighters in the mail to the address on the check or an alternate address you provide. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to call me at (503)318-4461. A donation of any amount is appreciated.
Bob Eurick
16285 N.W. Gianola Ct.
Beaverton Or. 97006

Bonnie Huget Hamilton has a new email address:

The following pictures were taken by Demo Ron Palmer at our last luncheon in July. This editor thinks they all look great, and haven’t changed much from the days at Jeff High!




Look for more of Ron’s pictures in the next Jabbers.

Demo Mark Miller recently passed on some news about his latest literary work:
I wanted to share some good news received this morning.  My publisher  [Whitefish Press in Cincinnati] sent my murder/mystery novel, "Murder On Tillamook Bay" to the printer yesterday.  It should be available soon.  In case any of our classmates are interested, here's the link:

The venue is Tillamook [and Beaverton, Portland and Eugene] and includes fishing, ministry and murder, but seldom in that order.  I'm also pleased--and more, grateful--the publisher will publish the two subsequent novels featuring the protagonist, Tricia Gleason, "Mask of Sanity" [in December] and "Shattered Hope" [next Spring.].  Guess that means I need to come up with a 4th Tricia novel...for sure she will solve a few murders and do her best to extricate herself from snarls and snares.

Keep up the good work Mark, and we look forward to seeing you at the luncheon.