Class of '58 Jefferson High School Class of '58


Katy Gilbo Farley reports that: We became great grandparents for the 5th time today the 6th of August. A baby girl, Olivia Kathleen...7lbsB

Dona Manley Vetere  reports:  that she is thinking about relocating back to Oregon. She has two daughters and three grandsons, ages 9, 6 and 6 weeks. I owned my own business, sold the company and retired in June, 2006. My first born and her two sons will probably move to Calif. in the next year and my second born who recently gave birth, presently lives in Minneapolis, is planning to move to Tulluride, Colorado. My mom passed away in March of this year so since both girls are moving West, my options are endless and I'm looking forward to "coming home."   Dona can be reached at


Jabbers 1958 
Out of 2,259 students 168 made a grade point average of 1.5 for the period ending November 29th 1967. There were 35 senior girls and 17 boys.  Nice job girls. 

Kay Tittle was promised one dollar to eat a cup of ketchup but gave up after consuming only half of it.
Several new Little Abner's and Daisy Mae's were discovered during Twirp season. They are: Jerry Carson and Judy Doyle, Bob Bailey and Judy Gross, Bill Emmons and Barbara Beito.
The Demo crowd grew anxious when the rally squad and band got lost in side roads on the way to the Beaverton Football game.  They burst onto the field during the kick off. 

During Mr. Bradford's class discussions they talked about earning money to take the band to the state playoffs.  One loyal Jeffersonian suggested selling the band instruments.
Did you know That?
  Sally Holmes, Senior, likes to write her class traders on the cafeteria floor?  Timo Esa Patokowski are the third cousins of Miss Universe from Finland?  Miss Shaw was caught under the mistletoe before Christmas vacation by Mr. Collins, and Mr. Karges?

Ball and Chain
Barbara Stoddard and Larry Morrison, Ruth Evans and Ronald Radke, Darlene Price and Rudy Busch, Chris Fox and Geri Craven.
An Editorial
  "What would you think if you were a visitor at Jefferson walking through the building for the first time and saw the congestion in the center hall before school in the morning and at lunch time? It not only gives a very bad appearance to the visitors but it also is hazardous."  (S.S)   I wonder who that writer could be.

December 11th was one of the brightest day of tom Ebro's story book life. On that day he passed the citizenship requirements and become an American.  Tom's family is from Estonia and lived  through the German occupation.

Historical Jabbers courtesy of Don Stepp.